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Apryl Major announces her candidacy for the North Carolina Senate seat in District 15


Author: SuperUser Account/Tuesday, March 18, 2014/Categories: State Legislature, Raleigh News, North Carolina News, News of the Day

Apryl Major announces her candidacy for the
North Carolina Senate District 15 seat...LET THE VOTERS DECIDE 

RALEIGH, N.C. – March 24, 2014 – Raleigh mom, volunteer, and quality engineering professional Apryl Major is challenging NCGA House 49 member Dr. Jim Fulghum for the North Carolina Senate seat in District 15. The voters will decide in the Republican primary May 6th who will challenge the Democratic candidate in November.

Mrs. Major believes the important issues facing District 15 and the state of North Carolina – protecting the Constitution, restoring the economy, bringing good jobs, raising teachers' pay, eliminating healthcare taxes, reducing big government into effective government, enforcing immigration laws, caring for homeless veterans, and stopping privacy invasion -- can only be solved by thinking outside the political box.

“It's not what you say, but what you do that will protect this state from over-reaching big government.”

Apryl first entered the political scene in 2012 as an Independent write-in candidate for District 34 House seat. Shortly thereafter, she was elected the GOP District 34 Chair and has worked hard to energize the base, recruit volunteers, and absorb all there is to learn in organizing a grassroots campaign.

When Mrs. Major learned of Senator Hunt's retirement and immediate endorsement of Dr. Fulghum, she did her homework. “Dr. Fulghum's core values were never fully vetted when he ran for the District 49 House seat in 2012 and his voting record in the NCGA, especially bills he co-sponsored, is inconsistent with his position to reduce big government. There are a lot of tough questions to ask and now voters have that opportunity.” 

Mrs. Major hopes her campaign will initiate a paradigm shift and motivate grassroots citizens to become more active in government. “Neither political party is serving us well at the federal level, but the local and state governments are where decisions are made that impact us directly. If I can inspire more people to become involved in local government, it's a major step towards a better future for everyone. No pun intended!”

A native of Detroit, Mich., Apryl is from a large family who share a passion for teaching. She works in the fast-paced aerospace manufacturing industry and is a certified Quality Engineer and Six Sigma Black Belt problem-solver/facilitator. The Major family moved to North Carolina 8 years ago for the southern hospitality, milder climate, family values, and lower property taxes. “We love it here and that’s why it’s so important to make sure it doesn’t become the next Detroit!”

She and her family are members of and volunteer for the Nursery and First Impressions teams at Hope Community Church. They also provide meals and donate goods to The Bridge - which serves homeless veterans - and serve returning soldiers at the RTP USO. Previously she volunteered for FIRST Robotics ( and Lego League competitions in Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Greensboro and Kansas City. FIRST Robotics is March Madness for high school kids, challenging them with math, science, and engineering problems, and having the hardest fun competing with other teams. 

For more information about Apryl Major’s positions on the issues facing District 15, please visit or contact her directly at (919) 619-1028. 

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